I've been ordering dice from TTL for months now, and they never disappoint! The selection is always amazing, the shipping speedy, and their customer service is always top notch!

Seriously, if you're hesitating to order from TTL, just dive right in and do it. You won't regret it.

Dana Leigh

These people are amazing! My friends and I were window shopping when we sadly discovered they didn\’t standard ship to out country. We just mentioned it on twitter and a few moments later they made it possible for us to order our dice and get them delivered! They followed our delivering with the tracking number to make sure we recieved our order! Talking about customer service!
Aside from that their dice are just gems, they are beautiful and of great quality.
No doubt I would recommend them to all my friends!


I’ve veen regularly purchasing dice from Tabletop Loot for a while now and I have nothing but glowing amazing feelings about them. Not only are the products high quality but the shipping is fast and they’re just genuinely nice people to work with! Theyre always reaching out to the gaming community to help and work alongside them and that means a lot. Honestly, you can’t go wrong ordering from TTL! You won’t regret it one bit – I know I haven’t!


Gorgeous dice, super fast shipping and delivery!

The prices are great and the dice are just really gorgeous. A fantastic place to buy dice!!!

Irene del Mar

Selection. Bomb.

Discounts and Promos. Bomb.

Expediency. Bomb.

We have purchased multiple sets of dice from TTL, and we have been more than pleased with their inventory, responsiveness, and shipping times. We highly recommend using TTL for your rolling needs.


Tabletop Loot offers not just high quality dice, but they offer world class customer service! My orders have been fulfilled fast and promptly , making my dice arrive here in no time at all! Tabletop Loot is my go to place for dice , and I highly recommend them !

Rich Nowak

I love this dice company! They are the only online service I use to order dice. The shipping is so fast, the customer service is amazing, and the dice are beautiful. Thank you TTL for everything you do!

Kili F.

Absolutely wonderful service with a quality product, great selection and fantastic prices. Got my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.

Zardoz the Magnificent

Let me tell you about Tapletop Loot. This is a GREAT company, and their customer service is amazing. Dice selection? A+. They were SLAMMED with orders on Black Friday, and were still super nice and really helpful. Their dice are great (my Warlock managed to only roll one Natural 1 the first time I used them. Luckily it wasn't in combat) and really well balanced.


I originally ordered from TTL Loot because I liked their selection of colors and their prices were good… but I’ll STAY with TTL because my order arrived from across the country in only 2 days, and they not only included every dice set I ordered, but one other set that I hadn’t (yet) been able to order, but had mentioned online that I had been looking at, because it was sold out at the time I had ordered!

The service, interaction, and dedication to customer satisfaction is amazing! 10/10 will recommend and buy again!

Maida P. aka Gallifrey4637

THE BEST DICE! TableTop Loot has it all – great product, great customer service, and great pricing. It’s hard not to buy a set of everything they offer, because everything they offer is just so good! They’re now my go-to when I need a new set for my gaming needs!

Jess Kellogg

Who knew I could get so obsessed with dice?

I have purchased close to a dozen sets of beautiful dice from Tabletop Loot, including buying sets for all my fellow gamers in my two campaigns, and showing off a few sets in my own collection. Amazingly fast shipping, personal, super kind customer service, lots of really cool color options, and well weighted dice that just feel good in your hands and roll high! Plus, they are so generous connecting with the gaming community, and supporting other small artists endeavors. Absolutely my favorite folks for nat 20 rollin dice, encouraging tweets, and great examples of what small businesses that care are all about.

Carmen (Biomouse)

The dice are gorgeous, shipping time is quick, and customer service is fantastic. 10/10, would order again.


These are some of the most beautiful dice I've seen in a long time, with wonderful colour combinations. A lot of thought has clearly gone into these, both in terms of aesthetics and readability. Shipping speed and cost is great. I will undoubtedly by buying more from them in the future.

I only wish I could also get matching sets of 4D6.

Ross Thompson

In my experience, there has been nothing in which TTL does not excel at. Prices are great, delivery speed is by far the best in the market, new dice sets are constantly being added, promos are fun & often. What really sets them apart, though, is that they are a genuine and active member of the role-playing community. They engage in discussions, joke around with us, and have an obvious love for the games. It isn't forced to get a sale. Def recommend!


I've bought a few sets of dice and the dice are not only pretty but delivery is super quick, within a few days of ordering. I would recommend TTYL to anyone.


My dice arrived quickly and they’re beautiful. I got a set for my DM and he loves them. Incredible selection with frequent deals. These dice are wonderful and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to buy dice for dnd.


I’m pretty sure I was one of the very first orders when Tabletop Loot went live. I was so excited to get my brand new Cotton Candy dice that I jumped at the chance.

There ended up being a pretty big issue with delivery (on the Post Office, not TTL) and I didn’t get my dice when expected. I kid you not, they got on the phone with the Post Office and did some black magic detective work and figured out what the problem was. They even got the Post Office to send out a second delivery, just to get me my product. I was kept in the loop the entire time.

TTL really cares about their customers, and will go above and beyond to provide top notch customer service. I mean, I never fill out surveys, and here I am dropping a novel. I am just very very happy overall.


Aside from the fantastic collection, amazing prices (and all the fun discounts), and all the support they give to players, the service received from Table Top Loot is top tier. They quickly answer any questions you may have and they get your dice to you ridiculously fast. I believe I got mine within two days of placing the order. It doesn’t get any better than these guys!


Great quality and selection. Unbeatable prices and super fast delivery. 3 day turnaround, can’t get that without paying an arm load for next day shipping. Can’t wait to make another purchase soon!


Sometimes when I order from the US, it takes weeks to arrive and disappears from the tracking info for long stretches of that time. My Tabletop Loot order arrived less than a week after I placed it and even included two sets of dice I hadn't ordered as a thank you! I'm really impressed and will definitely be back for more dice in future. Can't wait to see how the range expands!

Eleanor R.

Gorgeous first sets of dice, shipping quick as anything, lovely site?? They've got it all!

I ordered my first sets of dice (it was going to be one… Now it's four!) from these guys and was pleased with the whole interaction. Lovely site to navigate, great pictures of their product (looks like real life!) and easy to purchase. Shipping was reasonable and super fast! All of the dice arrived safe too, and I'm super stoked with the colors and rolling my first dice set!!


I ordered a few sets of dice for Christmas gifts and they were delivered quickly! Much better service and tracking available than I’ve even experienced with Amazon. Great quality dice, great price. Can’t wait until you get some metal sets in stock!

Allie Torg – @thetinyGM

Great people to work with. Good selection of dice and quick delevery

Chris Kaiser

While it may seem like we’re biased because we LOVE this company, the dice speak for themselves. They have good prices, a great variety… and they’re PRETTY! My players are happy with so many sets to choose from!

Cantrip Candles

What can I say about Tabletop Loot? I've purchased 14 different dice sets in less than 3 months time. I've given these dice out as gifts and rewards. The customer service is top notch. The price is AMAZING for what you get and on top of that, the quickness of the delivery is just outstanding. I highly recommend being a customer of Tabletop Loot. It is well worth your money!

David Ginsburg
Tales from the Fandom Podcast

David Ginsburg w/Tales from the Fandom Podcast

Beautiful dice, fast shipping, and they offer really good discounts. I also cannot stress how much I love their involvement in community and support of players just getting into gaming. The dice are a bit on the light side compared to my Chessex sets, but the experience of ordering them and knowing I was supporting a company that cares about its community more than made up for it.


TableTopLoot has quickly become my go-to place for my dice needs. Not only do they have an amazing selection of unique and cool dice at super low prices, but their customer service and engagement is exemplary. Did I mention that the dice always arrive before you know it? I don't know how, but they are always exceeding my expectations.

If you haven't purchased from them before, you have no idea what you are missing!

Matty Foust

So I ordered my first set of dice in 30 years from this wonderful company. They were having one of their amazing deals with a buy one get one. I browsed their website with their amazing dice that was a steal in price without the BOGO. (Btw amazing dice at a steal for a price is a pretty great slogan ?‍♂️) so I know I was getting quality dice. What I wasn’t prepared for was the customer service. Not only did I get my dice on the quick but I asked for them to draw me a picture and they did. These are damn good people with a damn fine price and they love their community and gamers. For my money I don’t see that I will ever buy dice from anyone else. I

Perry Johnson

Tabletop Loot has been supplying me with dice for a few months now and I've always been pleased with the speed of shipping and the quality of the dice. I recommend them to all of my friends, and now I recommend them to you!

Kelli Brown

These guys are awesome. They have quality dice (even if they sometimes roll 1s) at a good price and they ship fast! I've told coworkers and friends alike who play table top games to check this place out.

Eric Brown

I’ve ordered several times from Tabletop Loot. I’m consistently impressed with the quality of their dice, their prices, and the incredibly fast shipping. They’re also a very personable company with a great presence in the Tabletop community on Twitter and provide great customer service.

Brendan Townsend

I love your products but find myself browsing your site on mobile and wishing there was a way to search or some kind of organization or categories to help.


Quality products. Fast Shipping. Super awesome to deal with. Heck, Tabletop Loot is a natural 20!

Wally D.

Bought a couple of dice together with my friends a while ago. They are beautiful, exactly as advertised and roll really well (although they do sometimes end up in dice jail).
The customer service is something that really makes me love this site. The staff is so nice!! They normally don’t even ship to my country, but made an exception especially for us!
12/10, will definitely order again 😉


Top quality dice for top quality prices! Nothing but the best as always. Can't wait to see what else you guys have in the future!


I only have good things to say about the dice and the customer service. The product is amazing, with each dice being distinctive from each other in texture and colour, creating an amazing contrast. As for customer service, from beginning to end they have been helpful, making this purchase a great experience that I will gladly repeat when I need more dice or have to bring a gift for a fellow tabletop gamer.


I cannot say enough good things about Tabletop Loop. After viewing their dice on launch day, I had to place an order. The dice are high-quality and the customer service is top-notch. With a new campaign coming up, I will be purchasing a set for each of my players as a "welcome to the game" gift.

Matt Z.

I've ordered from Tabletop Loot several times now, and I've had a wonderful experience every single time. The first time, I ordered right before a special weekend offer (a free random set with each order), and they emailed me to ask if I would like my order to be shipped a day later so that it would fall on the weekend and I could get a free set of dice! Love these guys.

Monte J.

I have ordered from TTL 5 or 6 times, with orders or special requests of all kinds. Every single time, the response times have been amazing, the prices always low, and shipping incredibly fast. Small or Large orders, it doesn’t matter. It is impossible to beat their speed, prices, and most importantly, customer service.

I absolutely recommend TTL and will continue buying from them in the future!


Gorgeous selections of dice. Possibly the best service you'll ever find from a company selling not only just dice but I digress, I've always been pleased with my selection and the speed of delivery. You couldn't be in better hands.

Very supportive and helpful. You'll never be let down with Tabletop Loot, truly worth everything you pay. No need to roll that Insight check. Just give them a try, it'll be worth it.

Death By Mage

The dice came in fast and with no issue. They’re great quality and glowed (I got ghost dice) just as advertised.

Also glad to purchase from Tabletop loot because they are fantastic members of the RPG community.


Tabletop Loot are just the best. Great quality products, great prices, and great people. Worth every some spent!

Dave G.

The first time I ordered from TTL I didn't expect much. I'd ordered dice online before, and by those experiences, I expected them to take a while and any issues to take forever to be addressed. TTL's experience was a pleasant surprise. The dice were well balanced and of the same quality I usually get, only cheaper and with a few sets I've never seen before. Between the fast shipping and their interactions with their customers, I will absolutely be shopping TTL again.


I've ordered about half a dozen dice sets from TTL so far and love them all, but it's the promptness with shipping and great customer service that have convinced me to not buy dice online anywhere else!


I’ve ordered dice from TTL and was amazed at how quickly they got to me. Great product, and the prices are great. Most places make dice too expensive, but TTL is always a great option. Not to mention amazing customer service and online presence. I’ve seen very few companies that interact with their customers just as much as TTL does. Highly recommend their dice.


I’ve been playing tabletop since ’79 – ’80, right at the rise of AD&D. These are some of the nicest dice I’ve ever played with and I have a LOT of dice! they feel great and they’ve retained that beautiful polished look, after even being dropped onto the floor. The prices are outstanding, compared to some sites charging as much as 3 times for dice of this quality.
Also, the customer service is amazing! I was placing an order on a Monday night just after 10pm, mentioned the out-of-stock Ghost Ice set to which I was told,”… they’re back in tomorrow, but I can put them into the store so you can order them”, and I got them by Friday afternoon, just in time for my livestream D&D game!
Definitely getting more dice -and non-dice – in the future!

Jim, aka Ye Olde Dragon

A beautiful selection, great prices and speedy service makes this my only shop for dice purchases.

These folks are passionate about gaming and they make that very evident with how they conduct business.


Great prices, great dices, great customer service. You really couldn’t ask for more than this.


I’ve ordered five sets of dice and a loot box (four more sets of dice there, total of nine sets of dice) from tabletop loot so far, and I’ve gotta say these are some of the prettiest dice I’ve ever had. They roll balanced, and have plenty of options to match any character or outfit they may be wearing at the time! You can bet your bluegill I’ll be back for more!

Akir the Coastal Elven Bard

I first got a set of Dragon Bone from TTL by winning a drawing on Twitter. I loved them, checked out the site, signed up for the subscription box and ordered a couple more sets. Love the dice and the customer service is second to none

Jason Graham

Amazing store! That why they are my exclusive dice dealer! Amazing customer service, great selection, easy to use webpage and fantastic timing for shipping.

I wish them all the best!


The Dwarven shop

TTL is amazing! Dice are shipped so darn fast, and always packaged in good thick envelopes with lots of padding. They’re so friendly and approachable on Twitter, I have to assume their customer service is also amazing. (But I’ve never had to use it!) And of course, the selection is A-MAZ-ING!

Varnished Truths (Amy)

I ordered dice for me and my players. Such great dice and speedy delivery. Then I ordered some for my brother and niece — they even wrote her a personalized note. Awesome company.


Honestly the best online dice-store I\'ve had the pleasure of ordering from! Not only are their products of an extremely good quality, but the customer journey I went through was nothing but pleasurable. They are so friendly and kind in their interactions with customers, and I truly feel like I\'m valued here as a customer.
The quality of the dice is great, the customer service is great, their shipping is fast, the range of products is improving at an increasing range…..
I love Tabletop Loot and if you\'re hesitating to buy, know that you\'re in good hands here!!


Had some problems concerning the dice I received, but Tabletop Loot were quick to respond. Absolutely fantastic customer service! I'm very happy with the result and will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you!


I absolutely LOVE TTL! They are an amazing sponsor that has always treated my patrons & myself with nothing but love…sweet, sweet dice love! They listen to suggestions and always do their best to accommodate their customers. I recommend them to everyone! <3

Deven Rue

Ordered several sets from these guys and I was not disappointed! There was one of the sets left out of my order but I emailed them and they promptly responded to correct the issue. I was very impressed and will definitely be ordering from them again! Great work guys!


Tabletop loot has the best customer service i have ever received.
Also the tabletop loot box, the communication and the caring that the owners have is amazing.
I am so glad that I was introduced to this amazing company.

Tyler Kennedy

My gaming group got together and ordered multiple sets of dice. We love them all, gifted a set to a new player, and were extremely happy with how quickly the order arrived. Everything we ordered was correct and beautiful. Thanks, TTL! You rock!

Kris G

Out of the multiple experiences I’ve had with Tabletop Loot, I can say with absolute certainty that the dice are GORGEOUS and the Customer Service is on point! Quick shipping and inquiry response times, friendly service, and SERIOUSLY HAVE YOU SEEN THESE DICE?!?!

Aras Sivad

Tabletop Loot is, in a word, awesome. They are a generous company with a great product. They support gamers and artisans and educators and anybody else they can. They provide high-quality dice quickly and at reasonable prices. I’m so happy that I came across TTL and look forward to ordering more and more dice from them in the future.

I can’t say enough good about them. Wonderful company run by wonderful people.


I have ordered from TTL more than once, and I’m always very happy. The shipping is very prompt, the colors are exciting, and the customer service and communication is phenomenal (plus, the prices are easy on my budget)! Thanks, Tabletop Loot!

Alyssa A

I have ordered dice from them multiple times. Every time was a pleasure. They are courteous, kind, and swift in work and delivery.

Their customer service is exemplary and their dice are legendary. I got my first set of dice that have rolled well for me from them. Will buy again, for myself and for others!

GW Wolf

Today, I opened my first package from Tabletop Loot. To my horror, I immediately pulled out a set of dice that I had not ordered. I was ready to flip a desk – international shipping is expensive and is lengthened by customs. That was, until I emptied the rest of the parcel. All of my items were there, along with a note that read:

“Have a set on us to help ease the pain of international shipping costs! -Dustin”

Never before have I received such a high quality of service and thoughtfulness. Thank you Dustin. Thank you Tabletop Loot. I will most definitely be shopping here again. 10/10


After buying five sets of dice over two purchases from tabletop loot I got to tell you that you can’t beat the quality or the price that Tabletop Loot offers! The beauty of the dice alone is worth getting a couple sets, the pictures don’t do justice to just how beautiful these are.

Jake Sherlock

I met these fine people in person at Gen Con 2018. I had no idea this was a Husband and Wife team! They are both super friendly and easy to chat with. I’ve bought dice from them in the past and after meeting them will continue to buy dice from them. I see why so many people talk about their customer service.


Tabletop Loot is awesome! I’ve ordered many times from Tabletop Loot and every time the shipping has been fast, the quality great, and customer service superb. Not only are the dice affordable, but they are GORGEOUS! So don’t hesitate and get yourself a new set (or five)!


I bought my first two sets of dice from the great people here at Tabletop Loot and I could not be happier with them! Great quality, awesome shipping for an international order, I cannot recommend these products enough! Do yourselves a favor, roll a a nat 20 and get your dice from Tabletop Loot!


I love Tabletop Loot! They were friendly and the delivery was quick. The dice I received are beautiful and in great condition. I will definitely be using them in the future .


I have to say, when my dice arrived I was taken a back at how gorgeous these dice sets were. Especially when held up to the light. Their weight feels good when you roll them, which is great. Tabletop Loop has great people, and were quick to answer any questions I had. Bonus is their quality control, if it’s not cat approved, pretty sure they don’t see the light of day. In short, I’ll be buying from them again.

Megan Gearhart

When I found out about Tabletop Loot I never thought they would actually send the dice for me, but they did! And ooh how I\’m excited to have them!
Shipped all the way here to Brazil and it\’s on its way! Getting here any minute now! Thanks guys from Tabletop Loot!

Dennis de Albuquerque

I ordered a few dice sets a while back. I was extremely pleased with all of them. But even better was that I was given an extra set just for ordering from europe. Absolute charming!!!


This was my first order with TTL. It took only 20 days in total to get all the way to Germany and they even included an extra set of dice to make up for the international shipping costs. I\’m left very impressed by the effort they put into their customer service, and the dice themselves are all absolutely beautiful – I\’ll definitely order again in the future.


I just want to say I really adore the dice, and I just love the little dice jail. I fine the smell of the laser cut wood really nice, and the color of the cherry wood looks a lot better then it does in the picture. I also want to say I really appreciate the kind gesture of adding in an extra set of mini dice when I did a separate order for one more of them right after my first order, causing me to pay for shipping twice. I think I\’ll buy more later on from you again, I have an eye on a few.


Two more sets of Dice purchased, the same high quality service and product delivered. The team here at Tabletop Loot are awesome! Cheers!


I ordered a set of these for my birthday, and they included an extra set with a little handwritten note wishing me a happy birthday! It made my whole week! This was a great experience, and I will definitely order from them again!!

S Guenther

Beautiful dice and the absolute best customer service, bar none. I won’t shop anywhere else for my beloved pebbles. ❤

Jodi Weller

I am one of the recipients of Tabletop Loot’s amazing Gift of Knowledge drive.

Earlier this year in March, the wonderful folks at Tabletop Loot sent me 18 sets of dice to distribute among my library D&D teens. For many of these players, our library sessions were their first experience with the game, and these dice were their first sets.

Seeing the joy in their eyes and love for the game (which was definitely aided by the dice!) is such an amazing feeling.

And I couldn’t have done it without them.

You are wonderful, amazing, and kind people. And you have some killer dice, too!


I want to thank you all! I bought three sets online during the Halloween sale and accidentally overpaid for shipping, but you guys included a free set without me even having to ask. Such incredible customer support! The dice are all the correct sets and in absolutely astounding condition. I couldn’t thank you all enough!

Justin Walker

Tabletop Loot is by far my favorite dice vendor. Not only because of doing the basic things right (price, fast shipping, good communication), but what they do for the community at large. They help support content creators, send dice to school programs so kids can experience role playing, and much more. Great people.

Cowboy Kyle

I recently ordered 6 sets during the Black Friday sale for myself and as a gift to one of my players who didn’t have their own dice. Aside from them looking great the first two roles my player had were Nat 20s. Very happy with the sets and I’ll be ordering more sets as needed.

Ben Wolfe

Tabletop Loot is such a fantastic, caring, giving company. We are amazed at their gorgeous selection, impressed with their great prices, and absolutely in love with the fact that they’re so involved with school-based RPG groups. We are a podcast who has used Tabletop Loot dice for promotional giveaways, as well as ordering for ourselves; and everyone loves these dice! Thank you guys for being so awesome!

The Dice Girls

Excellent quality, great prices and easy and personable staff.

Why anyone would use any other dice vendor is beyond me!


Tabletop Loot can do no wrong.

I am a monthly subscriber and I am only too happy to continue to purchase from them each month. Not only do they send out quality products month after month but at only $20 per month it is one of the best deals online. You get at least 3-4 sets of dice each month plus all sorts of great other products to enhance your experience. Could be some sweet new magic items fit for just about any game, could be candles made to smell like the setting you adventure in, or some sweet metal fantasy coins. Could be any combination of rad loot. Each month is different with different themes and each month is well worth the $20 price point. Plus Tabletop Loot is always on the lookout for new things to pack their boxes with so content creators can get the word out on their products while Tabletop Loot can keep surprising patrons with new and different items.

Further more, their customer service is top notch. I once had an order of their monthly dice that came with an extra d4 for a set in place of that set’s d10. I said nothing to them about this but they noticed the error in a picture I posted to Twitter. They contacted me, offered me the full set free of cost or shipping, then heeded a request I made for a different set in its place by sending me the set I asked for AND the set they messed up on in full for F-R-E-E.

If you are a gamer, if you love dice, if you want to invest in a business which will only grow, or if you just need a new set of dice then you will not find a better to shop then Tabletop Loot. Literally the only thing they could do to be more awesome at this point is invest in artificial reality technology to create an environment where you could roll each new set of dice before you buy. My money is betting they already have the idea and are just working the kinks out.

Bryan Ballard

I found a few sets of dice from TTL that I had to have. They shipped them fast and were very friendly. Then i signed up for the subscription box and love it, some months have more value than others- but it’s always a better deal than buying dice sperate. I especially love the other travers tabletop related items included like the candles, spell templates, coins, and mini figures. It’s like a little mini Christmas each month!

Gold stars all around!

john p.

I have had all good experiences so far! I am subscribed to the quarterly loot box and love all the goodies I get, especially the coins. I wanted to move my subscription up a month, and all it took was an email. I suggest them!


Super friendly, super quick, very good service and great products!


The vast majority of my dice are from TTL. Their dice are great quality, beautiful, the shipping is fast and their customer service is the absolute best of the best! The Lootbox is a great price and is a super flexible schedule to fit your budget. It’s absolutely worth it! They do a ton for the community and helping young gamers and clubs, and are sincerely some of the nicest people. They’re my #1 recommended source for dice!


I got a few sets of your dice for Christmas, and they’re incredible! So so pretty and well-made. I can’t wait to get more, and would definitely recommend them to friends.

Maya Vernon

I’ve been a subscriber of the monthly TableTop Loot box for the past few months, and there aren’t many greater joys than opening that package each month with no clue what awaits! It is like Christmas every month! Highly recommend, and for $20/month, you always get your money’s worth.

Sean Ringrose

Fantastic, beautiful dice at a great price from friendly people with speedy delivery! What more could you want?

Joy C

I love Tabletop Loot and all of their products! I have three sets of dice from this company and I use them all regularly. Can’t beat the prices or the quality, and the customer service is unmatched. Thanks Tabletop Loot! Keep up the great work.

Ammon Barnhart @DnDGeologist

Five stars! Tabletop Loot offers the best service out of ANY online store I’ve ever had the pleasure of buying from. I initially ordered from them on Black Friday early this year. Despite how hectic the work likely was, my order arrived that weekend. I’ve ordered regularly from them since.

The one time I had an issue with my order, they quickly fixed the issue and went above and BEYOND in the customer service department to more than make up for it–I cannot stress it enough. You won’t regret ordering from these fine folks.


Tabletop Loot is our go-to company for all our dice needs. They are wonderful people who care very deeply about the community and it shows in their interactions. We have never been dissatisfied by any dice that we have received and our followers have had no complaints from receiving them. They are like family to us.
Their quality control and HR definitely need more treats.


Amazing company! Shipping is super quick, products are EXACTLY as described, and prices are more than fair. They also partner with awesome people like Deven Rue, so if you subscribe to Deven’s Patreon there is a coupon code good for any regularly priced set of dice.

Plus, I lost a d20 from a set when my kitten decided to play with is and they offered to replace it! Who does that?!? An amazing company, that’s who. I found the d20 but the offer to replace something, fix something that wasn’t their fault was fantastic. And they partner with schools and libraries to donate dice to gets kids gaming and experiencing imaginary worlds and creative writing through TTRPGs.


I love the sets of dice I’ve ordered from TTL! They are among my favorites to use! Truly they are beautiful, and the pictures on the site really do them justice. My husband previously bought me three sets, and I purchased two more recently! I love the variety they have to offer.

With my last order, there was a mixup and I received a different set from the one I ordered. I emailed, and Dustin replied very quickly, sending out a replacement set that came quickly! I was very impressed and satisfied with the quick response.

So if you want some gorgeous dice at great prices that arrive quickly, and great customer service to go with it… TTL is the place!


I have ordered from TTL multiple times now. Every order has been delivered in a timely fashion. The dice are always as pictured. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kris Giere

Tabletop Loot’s customer service is the best. Their dice are beautiful. Their loot box is always quality. My only complaint is I have been subscribed for so long, I basically have all their dice now!


Two thumbs up!

Rich Davis

Insanely quick and wonderfully crafted! Their dice and leather bag are wonderful, and shipped super quickly!


I like the idea, but the quality doesn’t seem great. After getting five sets of dice, none of the d20 were properly balanced. The dice look nice, but I wouldn’t use them for any tabletop games.


Absolutely love the quality, the variety and the customer service. Emailed about Wall of Ice dice when they were out and recieved an email back almost immediately from TL peeps while they were at the day job. They had me at hello.


Love my new dice and how quickly they arrived. Can’t wait to order more!