Handmade Yarn Dice Bag


We are now accepting pre-orders for these yarn dice bags. These bags are handmade right here in Atchison, Kansas! They are made with a dragon scale appearance and have a drawstring closure. They are very well constructed and durable. We hope you enjoy this collaboration with a local artist who crocheted them. We will be accepting pre-orders until December 1st, 2019 at which time we will place an order with the person who made them. After the pre-order period, we will have a limited number of bags for sale. There are two sizes (Large and Small) and 4 color options available (Brown, Blue, Green/Purple, and Grey) and all the yarn has glitter throughout. The small bag will hold approximately 3 sets of dice and the large bag will hold approximately 10 sets of dice.

It will arrive empty unless you order dice with it of course.

Earn up to 20 Tabletop Tokens.

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