DM’s Dilemma Tote Bag


To Home brew the campaign, or use a module? Do you guide the story to your plot, or let the characters create the story as they go?

Game Masters face many decisions in the making and running of worlds. Show the world you’re contemplating the fate of a universe in this fantastic “Thinker” inspired tote!

Artwork by Samantha Darcy

This large canvas tote bag features original artwork by Samantha Darcy and it is perfect for carrying your DM Books, dice trays, and more! A generous 14 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ with 22″ handles make it a great size. 100% 6 oz cotton canvas.


***Printed items such as mugs, shirts and totes ship within 5-10 business days and are shipped separately from other items.***


Earn up to 20 Tabletop Tokens.

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