Frequently Asked Questions:

Tabletop Loot is a small, privately owned company that is operated solely by two people; Dustin and Krista. I handle a majority of the day to day operations, and Krista keeps me in line. Both of us have day jobs and run Tabletop Loot out of the basement of our home. We have a volunteer who handles quality control, and his name is Oliver. Oliver is a cat. When I say he handles quality control, I mean that he sometimes rubs up against packages or dice bins. The humans handle the actual visual inspection of the dice. As a result of this, sometimes we make mistakes. If we do, please either use the contact us form on the website, or email me directly at

Both of us love to game. I have been gaming and DMing for over 25 years, and Krista started about 4 years ago. We run this business with one major philosophy in mind; We treat every customer like gamers at our table, and gamer’s at our table are like family. That’s one of the reasons we donate dice to school and library groups. See further down for more information on that, or just click here.

From both of us; Thank you for taking the time to visit our store.

A vast majority of our dice come from China, and are made by a company called “HengDa” or “HD.” When we first opened, it was customary to rename the dice because they were all simply named by the color (ex: Blue, Green Swirl”). Recently HD have begun naming their dice with actual product like names. We decided to label our dice the same way, so that’s why you see a mixture of names we made up, and official HD names.

Krista actually handles all of the photography. I’m trying to learn but she’s the artist behind the photos. If you see super amazing photos, that’s her. If you see some “meh” photos, that’s me. We’ve also teamed up with Elizabeth Glosia who has been taking a lot of our more recent photographs. She’s AMAZING! Here’s her twitter:

REWARD POINTS! We offer you points just for having an account and shopping with us. Like I said previously, my wife and I both work day jobs so we know how hard you work for your money. We know that dice aren’t a necessity, and so Tabletop Tokens are small thank you for your patronage. Every $1 you spend get’s you 1 token, and every 50 tokens used equals $1 off your order. So, it’s essentially a 2% back reward.

Of course! We ship to a wide number of countries. If we don’t ship to your country, reach out to us. We can add your country to our list and check on shipping rates, but customs and import fees are up to you to figure out.

Well, there’s no real easy answer to this question. We sell a lot of the same dice that other companies do as we mentioned previously, and they even come from many of the same factories. If you see dice that look super similar across multiple dice sites, the odds are we’re getting them from the same factory. What sets us apart is our customer service. We strive to make sure every single customer is treated like a fellow gamer at our table. We own up to our mistakes, and we do everything we can to make them right. We’re not afraid of constructive criticism, and did I mention we have a cat that handles quality control?

Easy! When purchasing a gift certificate, just link it to the email of the person who will be spending it. Our system will automatically email it to them once you complete the purchase! If you don’t want the person to know (or they have gotten it and it says it’s not for them) then please let us know! We can change that specific gift card to work for them as long as we have their email.

Reach out to us! Tell us why. If you think the photos didn’t properly represent them please let us know so we can make some adjustments. We’re always willing to work out a solution to issues with our customers.

YES! Check out the Tabletop Loot Box under our products page or just click this handy link!

This doesn’t happen often, but it sucks when it does. If this happens, reach out to us first and foremost. We’ll double check to make sure that the package was shipped to the address given to us. Then, we’ll make sure that address is the one that will actually get your package to you. If both of those are correct, then you’ll have to contact your local post office and see if maybe it was dropped off at the wrong door. We’ll work with you to hopefully get it resolved.

Our system automatically applies only the cost of your order to the customs export forms. You will be responsible for any extra charges, taxes, or fees your country’s customs may apply to your order.

It’s true. We’ve been donating dice to school and library groups for over two years. The most dice we’ve ever sent to one group was 75 sets. It was a library group that had over 60 kids signed up to play. To date (as of June 1st, 2019) We’ve donated over 1800 sets of dice to school groups. If you’re interested in getting sets donated to your school or library group, please email for more information or check out this page.